Industrial Roofing / Cladding

The sky is the limit when designing with pre coated sheet

Coated Steel Sheet has been used extensively by the construction industry throughout the World for nearly two centuries. Because of its excellent corrosion resistances, it has become the preferred material for a wide range of construction uses, particularly roofing and walling.

Coated steel sheet is a unique building material. It combines the strength of steel with the excellent corrosion protection of zinc/aluminum alloy coatings. It can be punched, roll-formed and joined in to a limitless number of structural and decorative building products.

Color Coated Galvalume/galvanized Sheet

Color Coated Galvalume/galvanized Sheet

Color Coated Galvalume/galvanized Sheet

  • Excellent design & secure fastening systems ensure the security and weather-light performance of coated steel roofing during extreme weather. Coated steel sheets are resistant to fire.
  • Excellent thermal properties that keep the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Prevents noise and provide quite roofing system, particularly when used in combination with appropriate insulation systems.

Do’s & Dont’s


This material handling, storage & safety data sheet is applicable for Pre-painted / AI-Zn Alloy coated / Galvanised steel products under the following instructions after the shipment from Cladding Steel. cladding Steel’s recommendations on the handling of  Pre-painted / AI-Zn Alloycoated / Galvanised productsteelcoils, sheetforroofing / building / cladding construction / installation.

  • Handling:  Pre-Painted / AI-Zn Alloy coated / Galvanised steel product should be handled with proper equipments during loading & offloading of the material. Le., Forklift, Crane. C hooks, Nylon Belts. High tensile straps cutter etc. Material should be properly lashed, chocked & covered for transportation. Coils handling should be very smooth without any rapid shock during lifting movement from one place to another place. Pre-painted coils should not be rolled on floor.
  • Safety wares like helmet,hand gloves,shoes should b eworn by material handling personne.
  • Storage:  Pre-painted / AI-Zn Alloy coated / Galvanised steel product, if not required for immediate use, should be neatly sacked (sheets or coils) clear or ground without any water seepage inside. In case the material is left in open, it should be protected from rain and moisture with tarpaulins or similar covers and stacked at an angle to assist drainage.
  • The polythene used to wrap the pack is not suitable for prolonged exposure in the open since sunlight modifies its properties.
  • Forming: Equipment should be clean so that any oil / grease or foreign particle does not come in contact with the pre-painted surface. Sheets should not be dragged over other sheets or equipment surfaces.
  • Any debris or surplus items such as fasteners, iron drill particles to be carefully removed each day after completion of installation work Le. swarf, surplus items such as fasteners to be removed from work place.
  • In case of material with protective film, the film should be removed immediately during the installation.
  • Durability of product is subjected to environment conditions in surrounding atmosphere at installation site.

Technical Specification
Paint Properties Comparision

Crimp Sheets

Easy to install, crimped curved sheets provide versatility and creativity that bring new and refreshing design to industrial and domestic buildings. The combination curves and contours in concave and convex shapes with flats and angles can be used to add an aesthetic appeal to the building.

These sheets provide absolute design freedom with significant cost saving in construction. This is possible because

  • Crimped sheets require less supporting framework for parapets and roofs.
  • Reduction or elimination of many flashing/cappings.
  • Less cladding material required for covering a given curve.

Crimp Sheets

Crimp Curved Sheet

Tile Profile Sheet

Cladding offers traditional and popular Mangalore Tiled shape profile. Elegant looking clay tiled profile sheets are available in variety of colors, adds beauty to your roof. Tile Roof Sheet offered come in precision designed and construction finish so as to perfectly match up with the different roofing requirements. Further, the superior construction values of these sheets also make them provide for excellent resistance from corrosion as well as deliver optimum sound insulation and fire retardant support as demanded by the customer’s insulated panel.

Tile Profile Sheets

Tile Roofing Sheet

Tiles Roofing Sheet


Solar Reflectance Technology?

Cladding Steel can supply TATA BLUSCOPE COLOR BOND – THERMATECH painted roofing sheets which has the following advantages.

  • THERMATECH paint uses solar reflecttance technology.
  • It loers the temperature by absorbing the heat from the sun
  • Reduces Annual cooling energy consumption by 15%
  • Reduces roof temperature by 6 deg centigrade.
  • Increases SOLAR REFLECTANCE INDEX (SRI) of thr roofing sheets
  • Higher SRI value indicates lower roof surface temperature
  • THERMATECH technology optimizes the thermal performace of every color in the standard COLORBOND steel without changing their appearance and provides greater thermal comfort all-year round, whilst using less energy for air conditioning and helps mitigate the urban heat Island (UHI) effect
  • Lower energy consumption for the same effort